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Fishtails grow at a moderate rate to about 20 to 25 feet. Mature stems will eventually flower and produce inedible fruits…and then die. These can be cut back and new growth sprouting up from the bottom will help fill in. Add top soil or peat humus to the hole when planting a fishtail palm tree.

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The Fishtail Palm

Photo by: Image courtesy of RealPalmTrees. Image courtesy of RealPalmTrees. Give your home a touch of the tropics with graceful fishtail palm. Known botanically as Caryota, this palm adapts readily to indoor settings, and in warm regions can survive outdoors, too. That means you can include it in landscapes in places like Louisiana, Texas, Georgia, Alabama and Florida.

Caryota mitis is the fishtail palm most commonly sold for houseplant and landscape use. Leaves bring a beautiful texture to settings. An unusual triangular form features a jagged edge and ruffled appearance that resembles a fish tail or fin.

Fishtail palm is a slow grower, especially when grown indoors. In the wild, fishtail palm is an understory tree, one that grows in the filtered light beneath taller trees.

Protect it from direct sun in the hottest part of the day when you include it in the landscape. Outdoors, place this palm beneath taller palms or other trees or in a sheltered courtyard. Grow fishtail palm as a houseplant, and you want to provide as much light as possible. Fishtail palms are thirsty plants. Make sure soil drains well, and then aim to keep it consistently moist. For houseplant fishtail palms, top problems are keeping soil and air moist enough.

Use a peat-based soil mix containing materials like coir, perlite and pine bark to improve drainage and help prevent overwatering. Improve humidity in dry indoor air by using a humidifier, misting plants daily or setting pots on trays of pebbles with water maintained to just below pebble level. Dry air frequently leads to leaf tip burn or yellowing and outbreaks of spider mites. Like all palms, fishtail palm has specific nutritional needs. Use a palm fertilizer, applying it at the rates recommended on the label.

Many palm growers recommend watering fishtail palm first before applying fertilizer to help prevent root-burn by fertilizer salts. The most common reason fishtail palms die indoors is low light, followed by cool, too-dry air. Your best bet for success with growing fishtail palm indoors is to increase humidity and light. Get our best gardening advice and outdoor ideas delivered straight to your inbox. Privacy Policy. Home Outdoors Flowers and Plants Houseplants. Fishtail Palm Care.

Learn about growing flashy and splashy fishtail palm—indoors and out. Pinterest Facebook Twitter Email. By: Julie Martens Forney. A Palm for Indoors Fishtail palm makes an elegant addition to indoor settings.

How to Care for a Majesty Palm Indoors Find out how to keep this tropical plant happy inside your home, plus discover more palms that lend a Tropics vibe with less fuss. Treating Ailing Houseplants Get tips on properly watering and fertilizing indoor plants. Tips for Growing Plants Indoors Enjoy a garden view even if you don't have a garden when you grow flowers and foliage indoors.

Spider Plant Indoor Care Learn to care for this easy houseplant and how to fix the rare problems that could arise.

Then this houseplant is for you. ZZ plants provide high-impact looks with little maintenance. Happy Houseplants Learn how to avoid the most common problems that can afflict houseplants. Load More. Flipping with Tarek El Moussa 6am 5c. Flipping with Tarek El Moussa am c. Flipping with Tarek El Moussa 7am 6c.

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Indoor Palm Trees

The fishtail palm was named for its unusual leaves - shaped like a jagged fish's tail - which form thick, swirled layers of ruffled fronds. They can be used as privacy screens - especially while they're young - and create a draping mass of deep green leaves among large trunks as they age. Many homeowners opt for growing a fishtail in an area where they've been considering clumping bamboo. It won't spread as much or grow as fast as bamboo, but gives the same kind of tropical look and privacy.

PESTS: Scale insect and red spider mites are of serious concern, especially when fishtail palms are used indoors. Fishtail palm is attacked by diamond scale.

17 Types of Indoor Palm Plants | Best Palm Varieties

Houseplant palms are perfect for adding a bold, tropical touch to your home. There's a variety of beautiful palm trees that thrive as houseplants in bright rooms. It's easy to decorate with these plants: Use palms to break up a section of blank wall, to fill an empty corner, to soften the edges of windows or furniture, or act as a living sculpture at the end of a side table. A row of houseplant palms can make for a lovely living screen or room divider, too! An easy way to dress up any palm is to grow it in an attractive container. Look for pots that match your decor style or color scheme. Tall, narrow pots are especially fun for houseplant palms because they accent the trees' elegant, upright shapes. Palm Questions? Our houseplant experts are happy to help.

Find Plants

Chamaedorea Metallica Palm has foliage with a dark metallic blue green sheen like the colour of gunmetal. This single stemmed palm has leaves in the shape of a chalice or fish s tail being simple, undivided and notched at the tip. Chamaedorea metallica, is native to Mexico. This palm has a foliage with a dark metallic blue-green sheen hence the common name Metallica Palm.

You can never get tired of looking at Fishtail palm, a palm that looks like a bush, with unusual ragged leaves.

Fishtail Palm Tree

Add To My Wish List. Hardiness Zone: 9. This palm typically forms multi-stemmed clusters of slender stems, topped with several large bi-pinnate leaves; light green leaflets are shaped like a fish's tail fin; an interesting potted plant for a bright indoor area. Fishtail Palm's attractive fan-shaped bipinnately compound leaves remain green in color throughout the year. The flowers are not ornamentally significant.

A Beginner's Guide to Fishtail Palm Tree Care (Caryota Genus)

Fishtail palm trees feature compound leaves that reach staggeringly large sizes, as does the tree itself. The leaflets of these large leaves, each of which features ragged edges that resemble the back end of a fish, to the plant and subsequently any room or garden space it is in. Whether you grow this tree indoors as a houseplant or outside on a seasonal basis or permanently in warmer regions , it creates the sense of a tropical getaway. That's because this plant is one of the few palm trees with bipinnately compound leaves comprised of many leaflets. These grayish-green leaves create a dappled shade environment. Related: Guide to Growing Tropical Plants. Fishtail palm trees bear both male and female blossoms on the same plant, which makes fruit production possible on a single specimen. Each of the small red fruits contains a single seed, which is edible if you completely clean it of the stinging outer flesh that contains oxalic acid crystals. Fishtail Palm - Live Plant in an 10 Inch Growers Pot - Caryota Mitis - Beautiful Clean Air Indoor Outdoor Houseplant: Patio, Lawn & Garden.

At the current time we only ship to the lower 48 states. Orders placed from these areas will be refunded and cancelled. Orders placed from the western regions in the US can have an extended delivery time up to 9 days, we strongly recommend orders be placed in early spring or late fall to avoid hot summer temps. In these regions you are accepting full responsibility for the shipment and understand the risks involved due to distance and temperatures.

RELATED VIDEO: fishtail Palm care (Repoting) How to grow fishtail Palm

We highly recommend Cold Weather Packaging for any orders that will be shipped into temperatures that are under 40 degrees Fahrenheit. Our cold weather pack is designed to protect your plants during transit to you during cold temperatures. Please bring your packages inside immediately during cold weather. We cannot replace plants damaged due to cold weather that are not shipped with cold weather packaging. The Fishtail Fern may just be our new favorite fern. This indoor plant does require more humidity and water than other less sensitive houseplants, but it is well worth the extra time and devotion.

This palm has feathered leaves.

This is a unique genus of palms that most may recognize but may not know much about. The following article is an introduction into these unusual palm trees. One of the first palms I fell in love with when I was just getting to know palms were the Caryotas or fish tail palms. Some of these are among the most commonly grown of all the house palms, and here in Southern California, relatively common landscape plants among enthusiasts, though not commonly grown by the rest of the community. I have mixed feelings about these palms now that I have much more experience with them as they have many positives but also some downsides. The following discussion will introduce the reader to these interesting and unique palms as well as discuss their care, both indoors and out. Palms are often divided up into several basic groups depending on their appearance.

Chamaedorea Metallica Palm has foliage with a dark metallic blue green sheen like the colour of gunmetal. This single stemmed palm has leaves in the shape of a chalice or fish s tail being simple, undivided and notched at the tip. Chamaedorea metallica, is native to Mexico.


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